Posts from November 15, 2017

GE Aras Power Supply Test Fixture

The GE Aras Power Supply Test Fixture is designed to test both power supplies and Power Input Modules (PIM).  This is achieved by using power[…]

GE Scout KPH External Trigger Prototype

The Scout 100 and 140 can provide multiple Manual KPH (Keyphasor) Thresholds.  These are nominally configured as: +3V, -3V, -8V, -13V, and -18V.  It is[…]

GE MEMS Accelerometer “NTI”

This project explorers the ability to use Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) type accelerometers as a viable replacement for moving coil seismic transducers and/or piezoelectric accelerometers in[…]

Geoforce 4-20mA XDCR to Globalstar Interface

The purpose of this project is to interface an industry standard 4-20mA transducer to a remote server by sending simplex transmissions via the Globalstar satellite[…]