GE MEMS Accelerometer “NTI”

This project explorers the ability to use Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) type accelerometers as a viable replacement for moving coil seismic transducers and/or piezoelectric accelerometers in the field of vibration monitoring for rotating machinery.

Given a specific MEMS accelerometer, this circuit was designed to meet the following requirements:

  • Single-sided 24 volt power supply
  • Positive voltage outputs
  • Acceleration output of 2000 mV/g
  • Velocity output from on-board hardware integration of 1000 mV/in/s
  • Buffered outputs to protect from short circuits
  • AIM frequency response of 0.1 – 1000 Hz (3dB)
  • Non-differential acceleration and velocity output

Features & Design Techniques

Hardware integrator to convert from acceleration to velocity

Band pass filtering

  • Four-pole Salen Key HPF with 3db @ 0.1 Hz before integrator
  • Two-pole Salen Key LPF for noise reduction

Dual vibration output (velocity and acceleration)


Responsibilities & Scope

  • Design of circuit topology
  • Circuit design and schematic capture in Altium
  • Altium Designer PWB layout
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Assembly and functional testing
  • Seismic testing
  • Entire project from start to finish

Project Photos




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