Waco Solar Substation

The Waco Solar Project is a renewable project I was a design engineer on. It connects approximately 400 MW of generation. My role in the project was primarily related to the electrical and SCADA design of the 34.5 – 345 kV Generator Step-Up Substation as well as construction support.

Project Details

Voltage Class34.5 – 345 kV
Facility Rating400 MW
Quantity of GSU Transformers2


  • Detailed electrical design
  • Electrical & physical design QA/QC
  • Communication diagram
  • System integration (RTU & HMI programming)
  • SCADA commissioning
  • As built drawings
  • Construction support
  • Construction walkdown
  • NERC-CIP data collection
  • NERC-CIP EAC & PSC drawings



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