GE 3500 / 60M100 HASS Backplane

The 3500/60M100 HASS Backplane is a six layer, multipurpose board.  It provides HASS testing capability for the 3500 and 60M100 product lines without the need to change fixtures between tests.  In addition, it functions as a board test fixture for 60M100 CPU boards.

Features & Design Techniques

Floating commons allow DUTs to short various supplies for positive or negative voltage operation.

  • No manual re-configuration of supplies is necessary.
  • Split power planes to distribute power load on supplies.

Current sensing for power draw monitoring during powered HASS testing.

  • Geometry of mechanical fixture forced non-ideal current sense resistor location.
  • Trace length matching utilized to ensure errors in current sensing are consistent across measurement points. Errors corrected for in test plan pass/fail windows.

Responsibilities & Scope

  • Circuit design and schematic capture in Altium
  • Altium Designer PWB layout
  • Assembly and testing

Project Photos




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