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GE Aras Power Supply Test Fixture

The GE Aras Power Supply Test Fixture is designed to test both power supplies and Power Input Modules (PIM).  This is achieved by using power supply and PIM Herbies in conjunction with the DUTs.  This test fixture includes a six layer PWA that supports multiple, high-current traces and is configurable for different versions of the power supplies and PIMs.

This entire test fixture is situated on a NI Mass Interconnect (Virginial Panel) where connections to the PXI rack are made possible.  For the majority of the testing, SMUs are used to both source and read voltages.  Automated testing was implemented via NI TestStand, and the results of the test as well as key measurements are stored on a manufacturing SQL server.

Features & Design Techniques

Interfaces to NI PXI test instrumentation rack

  • Breakout of all connectors for ease of test and DUT debugging.
  • Enables automated testing for voltage levels, current draw, load steps, overload and overvoltage protection.

Configurable for multiple DUT types

  • Tests power supplies or PIMs depending on what DUT is connected.
  • Tests power supply options for high and low, AC and DC versions based on the jumper configuration.

Responsibilities & Scope

  • Circuit design and schematic capture in Altium
  • Altium Designer PWB layout
  • Partial design of mechanical fixturing
  • Selection of PXI test hardware
  • Automated test development with NI TestStand
  • Assembly and testing

Project Photos

The mechanical fixture for the GE ARAS power supply test fixture. The pink geometry represents the power supplies. The purple geometry with the green connector represents the PIMs.
Altium PWB layout for the power supply test fixture
Initial revision of the power supply test fixture PWB