High Banks Series Capacitor Bank Station

The High Banks Series Capacitor Bank Station was a project to support adding additional generation to an existing transmission line. The intent of this project was to add a series capacitor bank to the middle of a transmission line. The scope of work included everything except the design of the capacitor bank platforms. My role in this project was related to the electrical and physical design and included collaboration with the capacitor bank manufacturer. One highlight of the project was representing the substation EOR at the capacitor bank FAT testing.

Project Details

Voltage Class345 kV
Facility Rating440 MVAR
Special FeaturesSeries capacitor bank


  • Reviewing capacitor bank FAT test plan
  • EOR witness for capacitor bank FAT testing
  • Integration with capacitor bank protection and control

  • Electrical & Physical QCs
  • Equipment specifications
  • Reviewing equipment vendor drawings
  • Lighting plan
  • Lightning protection design
  • AC/DC Panel Layout
  • Relay panel elevations & BOMs
  • Detailed electrical design
  • Battery sizing calculations
  • Ampacity calculations
  • Bus damping calculations
  • Conduit fill calculations
  • Voltage drop calculations
  • Communication diagram
  • One line drawings
  • Three line drawings
  • DC schematics
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Cable schedule
  • Construction specifications
  • Construction walkdown
  • NERC-CIP data collection
  • NERC-CIP EAC & PSC drawings
  • Facility rating report



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